Bad experience shopping locally

August 5, 2013

In addition to your newspaper, I would like for all merchants in Elizabethtown to pay close attention.

Speaking facetiously, my wife and I were once again faced with a nerve-racking issue of going to town to purchase a few items. We had cash, checks, debit card, gas in the truck and dressed nicely.

In every store, we walked on the right side of the aisle, never asked for help and got out of the way whenever an employee needed to pass.

When we approached the checkout, we had all three forms of payment in hand. We bagged our own items and paid.

You can imagine our relief after we said “thank you” to hear the clerk say, “no problem.”

I thought about buying a few beers on the way home to celebrate, but then, that would be yet another chance to cause a merchant “a problem” by us buying stuff from them.

Being honest now … HOW RUDE!

What has happened to “you are welcome and thank you for shopping here?”

Thomas Blalock

White Oak