Students get a fire safety lesson

October 10, 2013

ELIZABETHTOWN — Bladen Lakes Primary students recently learned all about fire safety from the Ammon Fire Department.

Chief Joshua Wilson brought out the fire safety “smoke house” mobile unit and a fire truck for an educational program that the students won’t soon forget. The smoke house simulates a real house fire, so that students can practice what to do in case of an emergency at their homes.

Allayna Wilson, a second-grader in Mrs. Applewhite’s homeroom and the daughter of Chief Wilson, said the smoke house is her favorite part of the program.

“In the house there was smoke coming out of the air vents,” she said. “It wasn’t real smoke, just a fog. It was kind of weird because it didn’t fill up the whole room.”

Allayna went on to explain that the smoke house teaches that “you don’t play with matches or play around a stove.” Allayna wants to be a firefighter when she grows up, just like her father, grandfather and several of her relatives.

Daniel Rygiel, also in Mrs. Applewhite’s class, said that getting to meet the firefighters and getting a free fire safety shoulder bag was his favorite part.

“I learned that we should always have a smoke detector and also a fire extinguisher,” he said, then added that if we catch on fire we should “stop, drop, and roll.”

Daniel would like to be a biologist when he grows up.

Jake Futrell, also in Mrs. Applewhite’s class, said his favorite part was seeing the fire trucks: “There’s a lot of equipment that the fire trucks have to carry. The firefighters also have to wear a lot of equipment because it protects them from the fire.”

Jake would like to be a police officer when he grows up.

Latosha Melvin, also in Mrs. Applewhite’s class, said her favorite part was when the practice alarm went off and the children had to get out of the smoke house as fast as they could. She learned that “when you are in the house and the alarm goes off, don’t wait for your parents to get you. Just get out.” She added that you have to feel the door before you open it.

Latosha wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.