Inmate lodges his complaint

October 17, 2013

I am an inmate at the Bladen County Jail. I was arrested July 12 for child support.

At the time of my arrest, I was employed at the Holiday Inn motel in Fayetteville on Interstate 95. Child support payments were being taken from my paycheck. However, I was still arrested.

Upon my arrest on July 12, I was also charged with a 30-day contempt charge. I was taken to court on Aug. 12 and was released by Judge Scott Ussery. At that time, my 30-day contempt charge had expired, making me eligible to be released.

However, the date is now Oct. 10 — almost 60 days after being released in a North Carolina court of law — and I am still incarcerated, being held against my will.

I have been told by numerous people who work in law enforcement that I’m being held unjustly.

I am writing in the hopes of having my story told. I think I have a legitimate complaint. I also think that people in authority who are supposed to uphold the law should be exposed when twisting the law for their own personal vendetta.

Andre Diaz