Visitors impressed with Elizabethtown

November 10, 2013

I was on my way to Wilmington recently when I decided to take a detour through downtown Elizabethtown just to see what had been done there over the past couple of years.

I was quite impressed with the beautiful, clean downtown area that had music playing and most of the storefronts filled.

I was also impressed with the brand new Cape Fear Farmer’s Market, where I stopped for a hamburger at Inman’s, had little sweet from Burney’s and my wife even purchased a giant cabbage outside in the parking lot.

But what caught our attention most was a sign in the newspaper’s window about “Roger’s Wish.” We stopped and asked the folks inside about what they were doing, and when we were told about the effort to collect donated blankets and sleeping bags for the area’s homeless and needy, we were filled with admiration — not only for those at the Bladen Journal who put this together, but for the dozens upon dozens in the community who obviously (since there were many items already there) donated.

We followed up the other day and were told that more than 100 items were given out this past week, and that the event would become an annual one to keep the legacy and memory alive of homeless man who recently passed away, but was the first to have the idea for the collection.

It’s nice to see a newspaper staff that is such a part of the fabric of the community it covers, and it’s wonderful to see a community respond to such a big, but often overlooked local need.

Elizabethtown, you proved to a couple of passersby that you are a proud and caring place. We commend you.

John and Betsy Terry