Writer: New mayor has a choice

November 27, 2013

Rufus Duckworth, the incoming mMayor of Bladenboro who started a petition this past summer to change Bladenboro’s form of government from it’s manager/council form of government to a mayor/council form of government and accepted by the voters on the referendum, had it thrown back in his and the voters’ face Monday night by a specialy meeting of the current town council.

Three of those council members will be leaving office Dec. 9, and one resigned Monday night after they voted to return to the old form of government by just renaming it “advisor/council form” and giving all the power and pay back to Town Manager Delane Jackson before they left office.

This was given to the town manager for one year, and yes, the town manager was disappointed it wasn’t a five-year deal they had talked about giving him.

Unethical … yes. Undermining the voters … yes.

This election was never about what was best for Bladenboro, but instead centered around the town manager on both sides.

Well, Mr. Duckworth, it’s time for you to step up and do what you said you would do. All eye’s are now on you. Will you take this, or stand up and support the voters and town residents of Bladenboro. It’s up to you, sir.

Ken Chavis