Merry Christmas

December 24, 2013

Today we are on the eve of perhaps the most widely celebrated religious holiday of the year.

Christmas is truly a remarkable day.

It’s a day set aside to honor the birth of a man whose thoughts and ideas are studied and followed — 2,00 years later — by more than two billion people around the world — a man who almost certainly wasn’t born on the actual day upon which his birth is celebrated each year; a man, in fact, whom some (including many of whom celebrate Christmas) believe may never have existed.

Such is the power of Christmas.

No longer just a Christian feast day, Christmas and its underlying themes of peace and good will have transcended virtually all religious boundaries — including the boundaries between those who profess wide varieties of religious beliefs and those with no religion at all.

It’s a day of rejoicing. It’s a day that brings together families, friends, strangers and even enemies. The power of Christmas has stopped wars, even world wars, in their tracks — if only for a few hours at a time.

It also is a day with the power of sadness, especially for those who feel alone when there is so much happiness and joy evident everywhere around them. These people need to know they are not alone. Not at Christmas. And not at any time of the year.

Christmas has the power to heal hearts that have been trodden upon all the rest of the year.

It has the power to make us all wistful for a day when this time of year is not the only time when people think about each other as much as — or even more than — they think about themselves.

There is a spirit in all of us that is magnified at Christmas.

As you celebrate this remarkable day, keep a thought for all the other days throughout the year that could be just as powerful — if we all made the effort.

Today we are on the eve of perhaps the most widely celebrated religious holiday of the year. - See more at: