Cakes for Cody making a difference

Erin Smith Staff writer

February 16, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — The winner of the Cakes for Cody giveaway on Friday was Tina Clark, mother of 6-year-old Cody Clark, who was diagnosed with brain cancer just before the Christmas holiday.

Tina Clark won a heart-shaped Red Velvet Cheesecake, said Bladen County Finance Director Lisa Coleman.

The staff of the Bladen County Finance Department, where Tina Clark is employed, have been overseeing the Cakes for Cody fundraiser to raise funds to help the family with medical expenses associated with Cody’s treatment and therapy.

“We advertise on Monday (the type of cake) and advertise all week,” said Coleman.

Each Friday, the drawing is held at 11 a.m. to determine the winner of that week’s cake, added Coleman. Tickets for the drawing are $1 each and can be obtained by going by the Finance Office located in the Bladen County Courthouse or by calling 862-6720 and an application will be e-mailed to you — it must be returned with the full payment for the number of tickets requested.

Thus far, all of the cakes have been donated, but if for some reason there is no cake on a particular week, Coleman said the staff at the Finance Office will be responsible for the cake for that week. She said so far they have enough cakes that have been offered and donated to keep the raffle going through March.

Cakes for Cody has raised $2,691 and includes donations as well as cake tickets, according to Coleman.

If you wish to donate a cake for the fundraiser, call B.J. Clark in the finance office at 862-6720. This week’s cake is being donated by Nathan Dowless, according to Coleman.

She said the finance department staff have set up an account where the money is deposited, and Tina Clark has access to the funds as she needs them. Coleman said a ledger is also kept detailing the number of tickets sold and donations that have been made.

“We have to account for every ticket and every dollar,” said Coleman.

Coleman said that Cody is halfway through his radiation treatments, but his blood count dropped a little. She added the doctors want his blood count to stay above 500. Coleman said that Clark was unable to receive testing and treatments this past week due to Winter Storm Pax, but if all is well in his next set of tests, he is on track to complete his radiation treatments by March then he will face six weeks of physical therapy. After he completes his physical therapy he will embark on four months of chemotherapy, said Coleman.

Currently, Cody is at Duke Univerity Medical Center along with his dad, Chris Clark. Coleman said that Cody has been able to come home twice since he has started his treatments. Cody has also has a big brother, Hunter.

A recent fundraiser held at the Elizabethtown Bpatist Church also raised more than $26,000 for the family. In that fundraiser, more than 1,000 plates of either chicken and rice or Brunswick stew were served.