Brittney wants you!

April 8, 2014

The Bladen Journal’s advertising rep Brittney Woodell wants YOU! And you, and you and … even you!

Woodell is currently hot on the trail of a sponsor (or three) for this newspaper’s newest online venue. It’s called MyOwnElizabethtown — a social media site that will allow anyone to share stories, photos, recipes, events, a shout-out to a grandchild who belted their first home run, snippets of a Sunday school class or church sermon, and more.

But before that site can go live, sponsors are needed.

And once it does go live, visitors and contributors to the site will be what makes it work. And it is our hope, as this social site begins to catch on across the county, that many, many others will join the bandwagon, using the site as it was intended — your very own avenue to get the word out and share celebrations.

There will even a place that you can start your own blog, sharing your opinions and ideas — right there at your fingertips. It will be easy and, what’s more, it’s a completely free community site.

It won’t take the place of the newspaper; it’s in addition to it, just another service to members of our community.

But before any of that can begin, Woodell needs YOU, the sponsor, to step up and unlock all the potential. Once that door is opened, we hope the flood of contributions will begin.

So if you are a business owner or head of an organization looking for a prime community sponsorship, this might be it. Just call Woodell at 876-0087 during regular business hours.

And if you know someone who might be interested in being a sponsor of MyOwnElizabethtown, urge them to look into it.


Fraud for sure


If doubters — and by doubters we mean liberals — needed any proof that photo IDs are necessary for elections, then the recent “Interstate Crosscheck” of voter registrations should do just fine.

According to the state Board of Elections, a check of voting records across 28 states shows that more than 750 registered voters in North Carolina were also registered in other states — AND voted in each state in 2012.

The crosscheck also found more than 35,000 registered North Carolina voters who “appear” to be registered in other states and also voted in each state in 2012 elections.

Voter fraud? Oh yes, it’s out there.