Bladen County Retired School Personnel hears from charter school

April 16, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — The regular meeting of the Bladen County Retired School Personnel was held on March 31 at the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church fellowship hall. Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy’s Commandant of Cadets Carl Lloyd was the guest speaker.

President Katherine Inscoe-Taylor introduced her former East Bladen High School student, stating that he was a leader all through high school. In giving some background of himself, Lloyd said that he graduated from A&T University in Greensboro and had worked at the Oak Ridge Military Academy. After researching charter schools, he decided to start a military charter school in Bladen County. Tommy McKoy is assisting Lloyd in operating the school and is the principal. Youth who enter the school are developing great responsibility and discipline. Ninety-two cadets are enrolled at the present time in grades sixth through 10th. Hopefully 11th grade will be added next year and the 12th grade will be added the following year.

Following the speaker, the Rev. Chris Denny welcomed members to the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church. Jan Lennon sang a hymn for the invocation. reports were given by Secretary Darlene Esters and acting Treasurer Suzette Lewis-Brooks. Rufus Lloyd made the legislative report. Taylor announced that the year’s scholarship presentation was made to Bladen Community College. Mary Stokes and Almira Johnson were commended for good attendance and Lloyd for his active participation. The meeting was adjourned.