A vote against beer, wine sales

April 26, 2014

Passage of the beer and wine referendum will result in injustice being done to towns like Bladenboro who have already voted NOT to allow sales.

The law gave these towns the right to choose, They chose “against,” and now the county commissioners want to allow people from other areas of the county to force them to allow sales. This is bad government.

The state legislators should not have designed the law that way and the county commissioners should never have put it on the ballot. Both are listening to special interest groups instead of the will of the people.

We should vote “AGAINST” this proposal and tell our legislators and county commissioners that we would appreciate them looking out for us rather than special interest groups. Passage of this referendum will cost towns that already sell beer and wine because their customers from out in the county will be able to buy out in the county, sending that tax money to the county government.

Citizens of East Arcadia, White Lake, Clarkton and Elizabethtown have a very good economic reasons to be “AGAINST” this proposal. The only people who will gain if this measure passes are those who actually sell the products in our county, maybe about a dozen in all. Do not let them persuade you to support this proposal so they can make more money.

It’s all about money.

Charles Lennon