Bladen Historical Society, Haromny Hall hold triple header meeting

Erin Smith Staff writer

July 15, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Bladen County Historical Society and Harmony Hall held a Triple Header meeting at the Elizabethtown Municipal Building on Tuesday night where they heard a presentation of grant funding, the significant battles leading up to the Battle of Elizabethtown during the Revolutionary War and a held a business meeting.

The group was first treated to a presentation by Jody Fraser regarding grant writing and sources of grant writing. As part of the discussion, Fraser talked about some items that Harmony Hall needed to obtain including creating a mission statement, and documentation of its 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

“Grant writing is an art form,” said Fraser.

He also discussed various potential funding sources as well as potential sources for assistance with collections at Harmony Hall.

Also, Professor Guy Higgins lead a discussion on the significant battles and skirmishes of the American Revolution leading up to the Battle of Elizabethtown.

“We tend to see history through our own experience,” said Higgins.

Higgins touched on the influences of colonization on the people of North Carolina in the early 1700s. He noted that the colonies were less states and resembled more of a grouping of peoples.

He also discussed how guerrilla war fare was a tactic used by the American militia men which was a foreign idea to the well trained and well equipped British soldier. Higgins noted that skirmishes with the militia were very prevalent. Higgins added that at Monmouth when the British soldiers saw Washington’s army they knew that the complexion of the war had changed.

“Battles like Elizabethtown the British started to understand this was not a war they were going to win … (the British decided) it just was not worth it,” said Higgins.

Following a brief recess, the meeting resumed with a brief business session.