Natural Balance Skincare by Pamela opens, looks to become a spa

By Chrysta Carroll -

ELIZABETHTOWN — Elizabethtown’s newest business is already thinking of expanding to a spa.

Natural Balance Skincare opened in January offering skin care and beauty products. Housed in HealthWorks, the business is owned and run by esthetician Pamela Morris.

“I’ve always been active in the cosmetics industry,” she said. “But when I turned 40, I got particularly interested in skin, because I realized it doesn’t matter how much makeup you have, if your skin isn’t healthy, your makeup won’t look good.”

Morris enrolled in Miller-Motte College and began studying to be an esthetician, earning the title in 2012. She worked for various spas in the area before deciding to open her own business in Bladen County.

She now offers services like facials, microdermabrasion, back facials, fassages (a combination of a facial with head, neck, and arms massages), skin evaluation, and non-medical acne treatment. Her advanced training enable her to offer a medical-grade chemical peel usually found in determatologist offices.

The new business owner seemed most excited about her line of eyelash extensions. Pulling out her tweezers, she demonstrated how she puts extensions on individual eyelashes instead of groups of lashes and only extends them out two or three millimeters from the natural length so they don’t become too heavy.

“You’ll never know they’re there,” she said, running her fingers over her own Extreme Eyelashes. “They look natural, they don’t burn when they’re put on, you won’t have residue on your face when you shower or get them wet, and — this is the best part — they’re healthy.”

In addition to skin care and beauty regimens, Morris said people come to her for consultation about skin health concerns. Recent clients include men with rosacea, a child with bumps from too much skin, a cancer patient whose eyelashes had fallen out, and a client who was concerned about a spot on her skin. For the latter, Morris referred the person to a dermatologist, who diagnosed the spot as pre-cancerous and removed it.

“Skin care isn’t just about feeling and looking beautiful, there’s also a health factor,” she explained.

In the roughly two months she’s been in business, things are already going so well that she’s thinking of expanding. Morris said she’s currently in talks with a local businessman about opening a spa.

“I’m pretty certain it’s going to happen,” she said.

For information on Natural Balance Skincare, visit them at 1001 W. Broad St. or call 910-578-6061. Natural Balance can also be found on Facebook, where specials are listed every Tuesday for followers. Sessions are available by appointment.

“Conditions we used to overlook in the past are coming to light now, and the industry used to be expensive,” said Morris. “Now, the general public is more concerned about skin care, and it just takes less money to do more. There’s no reason not to have beautiful, healthy skin.”

Chrysta Carroll can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

By Chrysta Carroll


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