Power outage temporarily plunges Bladen residents into darkness

ELIZABETHTOWN — Many unsuspecting Bladen County residents found themselves without power Tuesday night.

According to the Duke Energy outage reporting map, at about 8:45 p.m. more than 5,599 total customers across Bladen County were plunged into darkness in the areas of Elizabethtown, Bladenboro and Atkinson. Duke Energy serves 8,830 customers in Bladen County.

According to the outage map, in Elizabethtown 3,093 customers lost power; near Bladenboro, 1,810 customers lost power; and near Abbottsburg 812 customers lost power.

According to the outage reporting map, the reason for the widespread outage was listed as damage to the transmission lines.

Almost all customers had their power fully restored by 10 p.m. Accordingto the map only one custmer near Elizabethtown and one customer near White Lake had not has power restored.

To report a power outage to Duke Energy, call 800-769-3766.

By Erin Smith


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