Poll illuminates how voters view McCrory, Cooper

RALEIGH – A new Civitas poll sheds light on how North Carolina voters view two top leaders expected to face off on the ballot next year: Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and his likely Democrat opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Asked who they’d vote for if the gubernatorial vote were today, 41 percent picked McCrory, 37 percent choose Cooper, and 20 percent were undecided, with some of those leaning to one of the candidates.

In contrast to some other recent polls, McCrory had positive ratings in the Civitas poll. Asked if they approved of the job the governor was doing, 53 percent approved and 39 percent disapproved. Asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable view of McCrory, 54 percent had a favorable view, and 37 percent had an unfavorable view.

Cooper’s job approval rating was 49 percent favorable, 15 percent unfavorable, and 37 percent didn’t know. The attorney general’s favorability rating was 52 percent favorable and 17 percent unfavorable, with 31 percent saying they did not know or had not heard of him.

Also, those voters who had heard of him were asked what action or subject they most associated with him, 57 percent responded that they had no response or didn’t know. The highest other response was “attorney general/job is to uphold the law.”

The poll surveyed 600 registered North Carolina voters, with 30 percent contacted on their cell phones. The margin of error is plus/minus 4 percent. The survey was taken Sept. 28-30.

The exact text of these questions is below. (Totals may not equal 100 percent due to rounding.)

If the election for North Carolina Governor were being held today, for whom would you vote if the candidates were: (ROTATE) Pat McCrory, the Republican, and Roy Cooper, the Democrat?

41% Total McCrory

37% Total Cooper

20% Lean/Undecided

31% Definitely McCrory

10% Probably McCrory

2% Lean McCrory

13% Undecided

5% Lean Cooper

9% Probably Cooper

28% Definitely Cooper

2% Refused

Now, please tell me whether you approve or disapprove of the job that Pat McCrory is doing as Governor?

Total Approve 53% Total Disapprove 39%

Now, please tell me whether you approve or disapprove of the job that Roy Cooper is doing as Attorney General?

Total Approve 49% Total Disapprove 15%

Now I am going to read you a list of people and organizations active in politics. After I read each name, please tell me if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of that person or organization. If you never heard of them, just tell me and we’ll go on to the next one…the (first/next) one is…(RANDOMIZE)

Pat McCrory


54% 37%

Roy Cooper


52% 17%

What issue, action or subject do you most associate with Roy Cooper? (OPEN END)

8% Attorney General/ Job is to uphold the law

4% Effective/ Done a good job

3% Honest/ Trustworthy/ Fairness

3% Ineffective/ Hasn’t done anything

3% Favorable/ Like him (General)

2% Unfavorable/ Don’t like him (General)

2% For the people/ Looks out for the people

2% Morals/ Like same sex marriage stance

2% Democrat/ Party affiliation

2% Morals/ Dislike same sex marriage stance

1% Education/ Dislike education policy

1% Not for the people/ Not for the state

1% Healthcare/ Obamacare

1% Education/ Like Education Policy

1% Immigration

* Wishy Washy/ Changes Parties

* Environment/ Against fracking/ Pollution

4% Other

41% None/ Nothing/ Don’t Know enough about him

16% Don’t Know

6% Refused

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