Teacher honor society meets

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Society for Women Educators of Bladen County met on Sept. 17 at San Jose Restaurant in Elizabethtown.

President Missy Wells presided and Peggy Hester had the invocation. Noel Dennis read the minutes of the last meeting and Vicky McLaughlin gave the treasurer’s report.

Terry Smith had the program and she spoke on the Daughters of the American Revolution. She introduced Regent Linda Caulder Smith who discussed all the awards sponsored by the DAR — awards for teachers as ell as students.

Genia Hester provided copies of and briefly discussed the “Standing Rules” of the chapter. Denise White distributed raffle tickets and a drawing will be held at the November meeting.

the Half-and-half drawing was presented to Deborah Guyton who retur4ned it to the chapter. Door prizes went to White, Mary Hill, Terry Smith, Teresa Coleman, Gloria McSwain and Peggy Allen.

Members attending in addition to those already mentioned were as follows: Sharon Anderson, Robah Britt, Haley Cheshire, Melinda Coughlin, Mickie Davis, Ann Elks, Polly Hancock, Deborah Hester, Janet Huggins, Emily Jackson, Connie Kinlaw, Debra Kinlaw, Megan Kirby, Jeanne Kirby, Gail Marsh, Doll Priest, Laurie Smith, Pam Tatum, and Cheryl Walters.

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