Mayors all win without opposition

W. Curt Vincent -

Elizabethtown Mayor Sylvia Campbell

White Lake Mayor Goldston Womble

Dublin Mayor Horace Wyatt

ELIZABETHTOWN — Six area town mayors swept back into office on Tuesday, each running unopposed with only the slim possibility of a write-in campaign to rise up. Two mayoral candidates won re-election without a single write-in vote cast against them.

In Tar Heel, Roy Dew took all of the 24 votes cast in the mayor’s race and, in East Arcadia, Perry Blanks got all 45 votes cast in that community to retain the mayor’s seat.

In Elizabethtown, Sylvia Campbell garnered 575 votes to win a third four-year term. There were 19 write-in votes cast.

“I do wonder about the write-in votes, but I think everyone likes to have the option of voting for someone else so it doesn’t bother me,” Campbell said. “I really do appreciate all those who voted for me.

“I’m a little surprised there’s been no opposition, but I hope it just means that we are doing something good for the people,” she added. “I’m passionate about serving Elizabethtown and doing all I can to make this a better place to live, work and play.”

In White Lake, Goldston Womble Jr. easily outdistanced the write-ins by a 135-14 margin to remain in office.

In Clarkton, Arthur Whedbee won re-election as mayor with 40 votes. There were three write-in votes cast.

In Dublin, Horace Wyatt won another term as the town’s mayor by garnering 43 of the 51 votes cast. Eight votes went to a write-in candidate.

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Elizabethtown Mayor Sylvia Campbell Mayor Sylvia Campbell

White Lake Mayor Goldston Womble Lake Mayor Goldston Womble

Dublin Mayor Horace Wyatt Mayor Horace Wyatt

W. Curt Vincent

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