Animal shelter to host rabies shot clinic

North Carolina Law: “The owner of every dog and cat over four months of age shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies.” In Bladen County, the owners of dogs and cats, which have not been vaccinated in accordance with this law are subject to a civil penalty in the amount of $200.00

1 year and 3 year Rabies shots

Must have proof of previous Rabies shot to get a 3 yr

$6.00 EACH

Saturday November 21st 2015 at Bladen Animal Hospital

606 Peanut Plant Road, Elizabethtown

9:00 am – 11:00 am

Dr. Sheila Hanby, DVM 862-3960

Cris Harrelson, Health Director 862-6202

Kory Hair, Animal Control Supervisor 862-6885

Karen Suggs, Shelter Manager 862-6918

Jason Bryant, Rabies Control Officer 862-6918

Devin Burney, Rabies Control Officer 862-6918

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