Fast-food, low-wage workers to strike Tuesday for higher minimum wage

(CBS) — The group Fight for $15 says fast-food and other low-wage workers will walk off the job Tuesday as part of a push for a nationwide $15 minimum wage.

The strikes will take place in 270 cities nationwide, including in states like Ohio, Florida and Virginia. The Fight for $15 group says this will be the biggest nationwide strike to date. This comes within a year of the 2016 election and just seven months since the union group held a nationwide protest.

The National Employment Law Project found that about 42 percent of workers in the US make less than $15 an hour, and that 69 percent of unregistered voters said they would register to vote in support of minimum wage and union rights.

Among the restaurants said to have workers planning to walk out are McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Wendy’s — all of which WTOL reached out to and are still waiting for a statement.

A $15 minimum wage would be $5.53 more than the current highest minimum wage in the country. Washington leads the nation with a $9.47 minimum wage. Oregon ($9.25), Connecticut ($9.15), Vermont ($9.15), California ($9.00), Massachusetts ($9.00), Minnesota ($9.00) and Rhode Island ($9.00) are the only other states with a minimum wage at or above $9.00, according to Bank Rate.

In addition to fast-food workers, others that face low hourly wages include home, child and residential caretakers, maintenance workers, security staffers and adjunct professors.

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