Local trooper earns Samaritan Award

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ELIZABETHTOWN — A State Highway Patrol trooper based in Elizabethtown was recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to aid or assist a fellow citizen duringa ceremony Tuesday in Raleigh.

Trooper Jeremy C. Freeman of Troop B, District 5 was one of several who were honored with the Samaritan Award.

On Saturday, Sept. 12, Freeman made a traffic stop on N.C. 87 near Airport road in Bladen County. Upon his initial approach of the vehicle, he observed a female in the passenger seat of the vehicle who appeared to be unresponsive.

Freeman and the woman’s husband, who was driving, placed her in the back of the truck. The husband explained to Freeman that she was taking morphine for medicinal purposes and may have over-medicated herself.

Freeman radioed communications and requested an ambulance to respond to his location. He then checked for a pulse and respirations and found that she had a pulse but was not breathing. Freeman inserted an oropharyngeal airway and ventilated the patient with his issued bag valve mask.

The husband told Freeman that, because the patient was prescribed morphine, the doctor had also prescribed Naloxone for accidental overdoses. Freeman assisted the husband with the Naloxone and gave her 0.4 mg by auto injector. Freeman then continued ventilations until Bladen County EMS arrived.

According to Freeman’s supervisor, “the traffic stop occurred in a remote area of Bladen County, approximately 15 miles from the Bladen County Hospital. Due to the distance to the nearest medical facility and the patient not breathing, it is my opinion that Trooper Freeman’s actions directly impacted the outcome of this event. It is without a doubt that Trooper Freeman saved this woman’s life.”

Similar accolades went out to all of the award-winners.

“The sacrifices displayed by the sworn and civilian members of the State Highway Patrol serve as outstanding examples of the unwavering service provided by state employees”, said Frank Perry, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Others who received the Samaritan Award were: Paul Howard Jr. of Kenansville, David W. Emory of Greenville, Patrick E. Ellis of Mount Airy, Benjamin P. Gates of Salisbury, Stephen S. Allred of Silva, Samuel D. Martin of Statesville, Tracy B. Wiggins of Raleigh, Karen L. Nalette of Raleigh and Dr. Diane L. Miller of Raleigh, N.C.

“The men and women honored here today have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the citizens of North Carolina”, said Col. Bill Grey, commander of the State Highway Patrol. “I am proud to work with employees that display such a willingness to serve.”

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W. Curt Vincent


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