Book details Bay Tree man’s travels, experiences

By Chrysta Carroll -

BAY TREE — Retired international salesman and marketeer Roger Wright has documented, in novel form, the notes and memories he has accumulated in more than 60 years of moving and traversing the globe.

Wright was inspired to write a book about two years ago after contemplating his notes and journals.

“I have had the privilege of traveling to every state except Hawaii and to 17 countries, and I’ve met many people and heard and seen many things, and I had taken notes throughout my life,” he said. “I woke up one morning and said, ‘I’m going to take all my notes and memories and put them into a book’.”

The accumulation of those memories, I Thought I Was Normal, is a gripping and in-depth foray into facing one’s demons and accepting the past. It tells the story of Bob, a confused and conflicted young man, and follows him throughout his life as he struggles to make sense of his experiences and circumstances.

The story opens by recounting Bob’s experiences with death, lies, prejudice, divorce, and moving — experiences which he was not emotionally prepared to handle. He filed them away, saying he would deal with them at a later date. At the same time, Bob struggled to make sense of good people and bad people, as he called them, desperately wanting to be one of the good people and not knowing how.

As a middle aged man, Bob dealt with the difficult circumstances in his life through medication, which, in itself, turned out to be a way to procrastinate dealing with the true issues, or demons, in his life. Bob spent an inordinate amount of time trying to control and manage these demons, assuming that everyone around him was dealing with similar issues.

As Bob arrived at his senior years, he discovered that, through his life experiences, he had accumulated years of negative thought patterns and behaviors and that he needed to deal with them and forgive himself. He, with the help of Dr. Scott, and finally acting on the advice given to him years earlier by Miss Molly, discovered that true inner peace and forgiveness can only be found in a deep and lasting relationship with God.

Wright said that, in writing the book, he was trying to convey a message of hope to his readers.

“It doesn’t matter how much baggage you have, there is hope,” he said. “I also want to convey that you can have a superficial relationship with God and not fully understand that God is receptive to taking on the burdens that you are afraid to share with anyone else.

“Either through personal experience or relationships I knew firsthand what was written in the book,” Wright added. “I took some real liberties and pushed things a bit further than they were, but in most cases it was pretty close (to his own experiences).”

Wright said that a sequel is already in the works.

I Though I Was Normal can be found on and at Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers.

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By Chrysta Carroll

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