Bo’s takes on new ‘Fresh’ look

By Chrysta Carroll -

ELIZABETHTOWN — Shoppers will soon see a new face on an established supermarket. Bo’s Foods in Elizabethtown has changed over to Fresh Foods IGA, and residents can expect to notice the changes immediately.

Wayne Shaw, store manager of Fresh Foods IGA of Elizabethtown, said he is not sure why the decision was made to sell, but he knows that it was a family decision.

“Bo and Margaret, the former owners and founders of Bo’s, passed away,” he said. “(Their children) had a family meeting and decided to sell.”

Bo’s, which recently saw its 50th anniversary, was a regional 12-store chain, and all 12 stores were bought by the owners of the Kash & Karry grocery store in Lumberton. The current owner also purchased a Piggy Wiggly in Chadbourn. The Piggy Wiggly, along with the Kash & Karry and the 12 Bo’s Food Stores, will make 14 Fresh Foods IGA stores in operation.

While the takeover officially occurred last November, customers may have first noticed changes this week, as employees began Monday wearing attire sporting the new logo. An updated sign should arrive at some point next week.

Shaw does not anticipate many modifications to the inside of the store.

“For the most part, it’s going to be left alone inside,” he said. “The decor may change — there might be a few things.”

Shaw is hopeful that some differences will be immediately noticed by visitors to the store.

“I hope they will notice that the staff is friendly and helpful. The appearance of store will be neater. There will be a better variety of merchandise, and we’re making sure that what’s on the aisles matches the tags and that everything is in the right place.”

Shaw also reported that the new owners will be aggressive with regard to dropping meat prices and conducting as many sales as possible.

The employees are in the process of being trained on customer service, a big point with the new proprietors. When translated into application, better customer service means greeting customers as they enter the store and accompanying patrons to where they may find an item. In addition, the store will be stepping up its efforts to appropriately address any complaints that may arise.

Shaw noted that the sales dates will be changing, a point customers will need to keep in mind.

“The sales for Bo’s started on Wednesday and went through Tuesday,” he added. “Fresh Foods’ sales will be starting on Monday and going through Sunday.”

Arren Stone and Cindy Mays, general managers over all 14 stores, have assured Shaw that all employees of Bo’s of Elizabethtown will be able to keep their jobs and remain in their current positions at Fresh Foods.

Grand openings for all 14 stores are planned for the latter part of this month, with the Elizabethtown store’s grand opening planned for Feb. 29. Shaw is hoping for a good sale, beginning Feb. 19, to kick-start the grand opening.

Shaw said, “I think customers will be pleased once we get everything changed and established. When they see price changes, I think they’ll be impressed.”

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By Chrysta Carroll

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