Planter’s Day steaming forward

By Chrysta Carroll -

AMMON — As blossoms and blooms emerge on trees and shrubbery and the hard winter ground softens in order to continue its immemorial cycle, thoughts for some turn to planting and to the modern developments that have somewhat eased the yearly chore. John Graham is one such thinker, and he wants to, at this year’s 24th annual Old-Fashioned Planter’s Day, share what he has both learned and amassed over the years.

Graham has been attending Planter’s Day since its inception 24 years ago, when a local tractor club initiated the event. The tractor club was joined in the effort by the White Oak Ruritan Club, who sponsored Planter’s Day until the group’s recent dissolution.

Over the years, vendors and exhibits have come, gone, and changed, but the idea of preserving a collection of antique equipment at which others could marvel has remained the same.

“We just want to show people how things used to be and promote and explain what happened 100 or 200 years ago,” said Graham. “We have all this old stuff, and anybody’s welcome to come out and look at it. The building is here, and it’s full of tractors, a saw mill, a steam roller, all kinds of things. The barn has all kinds of farm tools in it.”

His collection of antique equipment contains 30 or 40 pieces, including five of his father’s tractors and three of his model T’s. Visitors can also expect to see old engines, such as hit and miss engines, antique cars, and turpentine tools. Graham said that, since he used to work for an office supply company, he has on display a collection of typewriters that are at least 100 years old.

Children’s games are planned for the two-day event, as well as country, bluegrass and gospel singing.

“Younger kids can play games or play in the sand while Mama is over there listening to entertainment and keeping an eye on them,” explained Graham.

Craft vendors, food trucks, horse equipment, a swap meet and a blacksmith will also be on-site, and a chicken and rice dinner is planned for Friday night, for which donations will be accepted. Informational booths, such as those set up by the forestry service and wildlife service, will be available.

The event is free of charge, but people are welcome to make donations. Any gift given will profit the Ammon Ruritan Club, who will, according to Graham, use the money for services such as providing scholarships for children, helping needy families, and supporting the Ammon Fire Department.

Old-Fashioned Planter’s Day will take place Friday, March 25, and Saturday, March 26, at 9252 Old Fayetteville Road between Ammon and Garland. Gates open at 9 a.m.

Chrysta Carroll can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

By Chrysta Carroll

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