Town buys 41.81 acres for park land

ELIZABETHTOWN — At the regular monthly meeting of the Elizabethtown Town Council on Monday, a unanimous decision was reached to purchase 41.81 acres otherwise known as the Greene Lake Tract located in the Elizabethtown Industrial Park.

The current owner, Mary Greene, generously offered the property to the town at less than market value making it possible for the Town to acquire it for the public’s use as a recreation park. In addition, the Town will be able to apply for recreation grants using Greene’s donation as its local match.

Greene stated in a letter to the Town Council “by the town owning the Greene Lake Tract I feel it will be used as a natural space and park, preserved for generations for public use. The natural beauty and tranquility of this space can be enjoyed by all who visit. This was Ben’s vision, wishes, and provision that led to this occasion.”

Alex Munroe, owner of Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery, submitted a letter of support for the purchase.

“I believe that the property is one of the most beautiful tracts of land in the state and the fact that it’s been preserved as long as it has is very fortunate,” Munroe wrote. “The town’s purchase of the land will provide a special opportunity to create an incredible amenity for the community and visitors … Even better, it will preserve a wonderful ecological habitat for future generations to enjoy.”

Mayor Sylvia Campbell concluded the meeting and stated, “we appreciate the generous offer that Mary Greene has made to the Town and I am confident that when the park project is completed it will be used by everyone for generations to come.”

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