Boy Scout Troop 622 to hold plate sale

By Chrysta Carroll -

DUBLIN — It is pretty noteworthy whenever youth are seen volunteering for anything, but when they volunteer for something for which they will receive nothing in return, it is downright rare. Those are the kind of youth that are involved with Boy Scout Troop 622, and its scoutmasters want people to take note of the boys’ other-mindedness and reward it by supporting their troop at this year’s fundraiser.

Tony Parnell, scoutmaster for Troop 622 in Dublin, said, “They were a service troop for camp not too long ago, and they did such a good job that they are volunteering to do it again at no credit — they won’t get a service project for it. That’s the kind of boys we have.”

Those boys will be holding a BBQ plate sale soon, and will be volunteering for that as well. This time, however, they will directly benefit from the effort. Money raised will, according to Parnell, be used help send the boys to summer camp at Camp Bowers in White Oak.

“It costs $225 to send one (youth) to camp, and that’s a lot of expense,” stated Parnell. “As a troop, we try to do half of that cost so parents don’t have to do so much.”

In addition to helping fund camp, funds raised will also be used to do construction on the recently renovated Scout Hut in Dublin.

“We just did 15 months of restoration, and one of the last things we need to do is replace the roof, because this is only the second shingled roof on the hut since it was built in 1951,” informed Parnell. “We need to do some repairs to some leaks and do some structure work, or else all of the restoration was for naught.”

Anyone wishing to honor the troops’ volunteerism and help their efforts at the hut can buy tickets for the BBQ plate sale, which will be held Saturday, April 30 from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. For $7, diners can pick up pulled pork, baked beans, slaw, bread, and tea. Parnell hinted that they may also have chicken leg quarters so that supporters could have a combination plate.

“The community — Dublin — and even all of Bladen County, have really stepped up and helped with the troop in the past, and we’ve got a really good thing going,” said Parnell. “We’re hoping with the publicity in the paper and on social media to sell a lot of plates this year.”

For tickets for this year’s plate sale, contact Tony Parnell at 910-316-0510.

Chrysta Carroll can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

By Chrysta Carroll

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