New leadership has CSI stretching further

By Madison McLamb - Bladen Journal intern

CLARKTON — In a rural area where some folks are lacking in education, food, shelter and more, one group, noticing the need, has decided to step up.

Caring and Sharing, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been in existence for three years. Its interest and commitment is to find money to support and sustain its mission and work in healthy citizens initiatives, information systems and technology programs, human services initiatives, and education programs for all ages.

“We supply emergency food for needy individuals and families of all ages,” explained CSI Executive Director Barbara Campbell. “Throughout our rural communities, CSI is known as a go-to organization that is helping and representing needy children, adults, seniors, disabled veterans and handicapped adults, and members of their households.”

CSI helped sustain and support more than 300 families throughout Bladen County and surrounding areas in 2015.

Recently, however, the group came under new leadership and is hoping to stretch its legs even further. Campbell reported that, while the organization was born out of talk among a few like-minded Chrisitan women, it never has been affiliated with a church, but has been seen that way because of the location of the location of their meetings — Truevine Holiness Church.

“We want to have our meetings somewhere else, so that people don’t think that we’re part of the church,” said Campbell. “I’m talking to some people this week to see if we can work something out.”

Campbell added that she is hoping a change of venue will draw additional support.

“It is donations and businesses that make this possible for us. Support will help sustain our organization and benfit the communities that we serve,” said Campbell.

CSI is hosting an upcoming event called “Joy Night” to help spread their organization’s success over the past three years and the success they hope to achieve in the future.

Joy Night will be on Saturday, June 25, at 5 p.m. at Truevine Holiness Church, located at 1503 Harrelson Road in Clarkton.

Among others, Joy Night will feature:

— The Tones of Joy, a singing group from Lumberton.

— Ms. Jamik LeSane, from Dublin.

— Minister Joyce Grady, from Tabor City.

— Ms. Whitney Lennon, from Council.

Terry Stanely, program committee member, extended an open invitation.

“It would be an honor for us at CSI if you would grace us with your presence on Joy Night,” he said. “Please join us to spread the word of God through praise and worship.”

Refreshments will be served throughout the night, and door prizes, including a 32-inch flat screen TV, a Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet, and cash prizes, will be given away.

“We are expecting a great turnout this year, and we hope to bring a lot of people out to praise and worship and have a good time,” explained Campbell.

For information, contact Terry Stanley with the Program Committee at 910-874-3518.

Donations can be made online at or mailed to P.O. Box 1262, Elizabethtown, N.C. 28337.

Madison McLamb can be reached by calling 910-862-4163. Staff Writer Chrysta Carroll contributed to this story.

By Madison McLamb

Bladen Journal intern

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