8th annual Oren Taylor Memorial Race to be held Saturday

DUBLIN — On Saturday, Dublin Motor Speedway will host its 8th annual Oren Taylor Memorial Race, and on Wednesday, track promotor Richard Bailey announced that the purse for the race has risen to $3,500.

The race will feature a new car by Whiteville’s Dean Bowen, frequent Gray’s Creek Late Model winner Chris Blackwell, Gray’s Creek’s Zach Blackwell, who enters the race with a wave of momentum, 2011 Oren Taylor Memorial champion D.J. Tyndall, Lumberton’s Brian “Trooper” Strickland, known for laying down good laps in qualifying, and many others.

The race, hailed by organizers as the most prestigious memorial race in southeastern North Carolina, will also feature:

*$50 entry fee for Late Models.

* 2 laps qualifying for the Late Models.

* $200 from Bobby Taylor Oil Company of Elizabethtown for the fastest qualifier.

* $300 to start for all drivers.

* $200 from the Taylor family to lead lap 13.

* $100 from Drainage Incorporated for the driver who suffers the toughest luck during the 30-lap feature

* $50 from MPH Productions for the driver that improves his starting to finishing position the most

* 30 lap feature- $3500 to win.

* 525 crates are welcome to run in this race.

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