Dublin Scout Hut continues to evolve

By Chrysta Carroll - ccarroll@civitasmedia.com

DUBLIN — Members of Dublin Scout Troop 622 can rest easy now, knowing that they’re protected from above. From directly above, that is. The Scout Hut in Dublin recently completed one of the remaining bullet items in a multi-year renovation project — a new roof.

“It had only had two roofs put on since it was built in the 1950s,” said Scoutmaster Alex Hursey. “It was leaking, and there would be puddles on the tables when we went in. We desperately needed a new roof.”

In February, the troop hosted a BBQ plate sale in order to raise money, and they received additional donations from the community to pay for a metal roof to replace the leaky shingles.

“With all the fundraisers that we do, a portion of the money goes to the Scout Hut fund,” said Hursey.

The roof is not the first or only repair work being done on the site.

“It had really fallen into disrepair,” said former Dublin Scoutmaster Walter Bullard, who was the first Eagle Scout in Dublin and remembers when the cabin was built. “It was so bad it was covered with vines and trees; vagrants spent the night in it, and walking up to it at that time, you would have said that there was nothing to do but tear it down. But we walked around and saw what could be done.”

Since acquiring the building, amidst arguments that it should be torched for the benefit of the fire department, Hursey, Bullard, and a likeminded crew have seen, in addition to the new roof, exterior logs replaced, floors patched, a kitchen equipped with full capabilities, air conditioning added to the kitchen, electrical wiring and plumbing repaired, a back room renovated, and a new bathroom added.

“We’ve basically redone the whole thing,” Hursey said.

The group thought the hut was worth preserving for a reason.

“One of the wonderful things about it is, when I was 10 years old, local guys in the community helped cut down trees, and local men and women scraped and cut the logs and built the cabin. It’s dear to a lot of people,” said Bullard, who came out of retirement to help with the effort.

The cabin has been used on and off for scouts since the 1950s. With the renovations that have already been completed, the hut has since been used for birthdays, Kiwanis meetings, reunions, a historical society meeting, and, of course, the scouts meet there weekly.

Hursey said that he would like to see, within a year, the flooring replaced.

“It’s not as great a need as the roof, but it definitely needs to be replaced,” said Hursey. “It’s kind of freestanding.”

“This is what happens when you care enough,” said Bullard, about the renovations nearing competion. “As soon as you walk in, you immediately realize this is the perfect place for kids — it has this rustic appeal.”

He added, “So many people have used it and know that it’s a special place.”

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By Chrysta Carroll


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