Majestic Funeral Home re-opens in Elizabethtown

By Chrysta Carroll -

ELIZABETHTOWN — The newest addition to Bladen County’s funeral home industry — Majestic Funeral Home in Elizabethtown — after a three-month hiatus, has re-opened.

“My wife’s family has big roots here,” said Majestic owner Eric Matthews, “and we love the people and citizens of Bladen County. They’ve been there to encourage us to keep on striving, and we’re thankful for them. We started something, and we want to finish it — and that’s giving people first-class service.”

The idea of first-class service has been Matthews’ mantra. When the business opened in March, Matthews told the Bladen Journal that such was his goal.

“What makes a funeral home first-class is not always the little frills in the service, but if you’re going to be there when things are needed,” he explained. “We want to be there not only when you experience loss, but also at your grandbaby’s christening or at cookouts.”

Matthews said at that time that his business would be offering marker, monument, and headstone selection assistance, help filing with VA and social security, cremations, and burial services.

“We’re hoping that the community can see that we’re here to stay and (that) we’re building a funeral home that citizens can trust for quality service, the best in merchandise, and professionalism to the highest degree,” said Matthews.

The re-opening comes after a restraining order filed by Matthews’ former employer, Colvin Funeral Home, and a judge’s order forced Majestic to close in April.

Colvin and Matthews recently reached an agreement whereby Matthews is allowed to re-open in Elizabethtown but is prevented from operating in Cumberland, Robeson or Hoke counties until 2020, while Colvin is not allowed to operate in Wayne County. Matthews also agreed to pay Colvin $30,000.

Matthews previously operated a funeral home in Goldsboro.

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By Chrysta Carroll

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