Rotary Club gets egg-hatching lesson

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ELIZABETHTOWN — The Elizabethtown Rotary Club met on Wednesday and learned about hatching eggs using an incubator from 11-year-old Luke Barber. He is a member of the Super Clover 4-H Club and is the son of Sonya and George Barber.

Barber was introduced by Sandra Cain of Bladen County Cooperative Extension. She said there several 4-H clubs located throughout Bladen County and they meet in various locations. To learn more about 4-H and how your child can become a member, call 910-862-4591.

Cain said that Barber competed at the district level in 4-H with his presentation and won and went to state competition where he earned a silver medal.

Barber explained that in order to hatch eggs, you have to have fertile eggs, an incubator, and egg turner and a candler, proper humidity and the proper temperature for the species of egg i.e. chickens, peacocks, etc. He said you can make your own incubator or purchase one.

He explained that before one puts eggs in the incubator, the incubator needs to be turned on and allowed to run a few minutes.

He said that once the eggs are placed in the incubator you need either an egg turner which will turn the eggs or the eggs must be turned by hand three times per day.

Barber said that the candler is used to check the eggs for fertility and to ensure they are developing properly. He said the eggs need to be checked with a candler on the third day and the 14th day. He said any eggs that were not developing should be removed.

Once a chick begins to peck its way out of the shell, it takes about eight hours for the chick to hatch completely. Once the chick hatches, remove it from the incubator.

“This is a great way to increase your flock,” said Barber.

In other business:

— The group also voted to move their meeting location to Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery and also approved a letter of support for the East Bladen High School FFA.

— The club is also planning a Bike Ride at Jones Lake State Park on Sept. 25.

Staff report

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