Bladen residents scrambling for gas

Sunday and Monday, Bladen County’s social media was blowing up with users sharing sites they found gas in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. As residents faced the possibility of possibly more than one week without power, and longer in some areas, people flocked to the gas stations to fill up their cans.

Monday, the line at the Marathon began in front of Domino’s, went down Broad Street and in front of Food Lion, turned in San Jose’s entrance, turned in front of Dollar Tree, and stretched across the Food Lion parking lot before turning on Newton Street and entering the gas station from that road.

“I’ve been waiting about 30 minutes,” said Glenn Williams as he was filling up numerous cans, as well as his vehicle.

Two residents were seen siphoning gas out of one of their vehicles into the other’s automobile.

While many stations were running out of gasoline, Campbell Oil’s Sylvia Campbell doesn’t foresee a problem.”

“We have all (the gasoline) they want,” she said. “There’s no shortage.”

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