A wonder-full wedding for White Lake couple

By Chrysta Carroll - ccarroll@civitasmedia.com

WILMINGTON — What girl hasn’t flipped through bridal magazines and dreamed of her own fairy tale wedding? Future brides-to-be in the Wilmington area will now be envisaging their own after the likes of a White Lake couple.

Each year, Focus on the Coast, a Wilmington-based art/fashion/home design magazine, publishes a special edition dedicated to weddings. This year, one of its featured weddings was that of White Lake’s Kent and Sky Moore, who wed July 2, 2016. How it came to be in the magazine, though, is a mystery.

“We have no clue how they found out about the wedding,” said Angela Bass, mother of the bride. “Maybe someone who works at the magazine saw some pictures on Facebook, but that’s just a guess. We know it wasn’t the photographer, and it wasn’t one of us. Sky just got a message from the magazine asking if they could publish it, and, of course, she said yes — it’s an honor.”

The summer wedding, according to Bass, took place under clear skies at the Airlie Gardens in Wilmington and couldn’t have been more perfect.

“When we walked in the tent, it took my breath away,” she said. “Fresh Affairs did the decorating, and I’ve known them for 35 years — they did my own wedding — so he (the owner) knows my taste. Most of the time, companies don’t know what you like, but we talked every day through this process.”

The fairy tale wedding wouldn’t have been possible without quite a lot of local talent.

“Sign Logic did so much,” said Bass. “Ray and Wanda at Ray’s Furniture, City Cleaners — the people in town were so good to me, and they don’t understand how much they helped me.

“I’m from the Raleigh area, and people there just take your money and do what you asked,” she added.”These people here were so helpful. It warmed my heart to see how people in a small town are — those people were my angels.”

Even the cake, though done by One Belle Bakery in Wilmington, was designed by a local baker.

“Georgia Pope from White Lake sketched out a cake,” explained Bass. “We showed her all the pictures we liked, and she sketched out an original cake, and when I saw it, I was blown away.”

She added, “It was really neat to see all the local people come together.”

Despite being part of a team that put together a wedding worthy of magazine publication, Bass doesn’t have plans to do it again.

“I’ve had many people say I should be a wedding director, but I think I’ll stick with physical therapy — it’s a lot easier,” she laughed.

The Bass/Taylor wedding can be found in the fall/winter 2016 edition of Focus on the Coast.

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By Chrysta Carroll


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