Company uses drone to cook Thanksgiving dinner

BOTHELL, Wash., (UPI) — A Washington state drone manufacturer showed off its flagship drone by putting it to an unusual task — making Thanksgiving dinner.

Autel Robots, based in Bothell, posted a video to YouTube showing how a chef used the company’s X-Star Premium Drone to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

The cook donned “a Medieval-armor-like-glove” to prevent injury when using the drone’s propellers to peel potatoes and slice veggies.

The video shows the drone’s hook attachment being used to drop some turkey into a deep-fryer outside, before its propellers are replaced with egg beaters for mixing.

The resulting dinner is a bit messy, with text on the screen admitting the device is “not that great for cooking.”

“Note: We do not recommend trying this at home,” the video’s description reads.

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