Following Jesus leads to laying down burdens

There is a story about two monks walking along the road when they come to a shallow, muddy river. A beautiful woman in a long white dress is standing there. She can’t figure out how to continue her journey without ruining her outfit.So one of the monks picks her up in his arms - something he was absolutely forbidden to do, for touching a woman was against his vows — and he carries her across to the other side. Then, all parties continued on their journey.Afte...

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Sometimes it’s necessary to turn down the volume

A husband and wife had been married for many years when the husband began to fear that his wife was going deaf. He implemented an informal exam. While his wife was in the kitchen cooking dinner, the husband in a normal, conversation tone asked from the den, “Honey, what’s for dinner?”She didn’t answer. So he moved closer to the kitchen and repeated the question; no response.

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The Lord wants you at the table

October 5 is World Communion Sunday. It is an annual event, the first Sunday of each October, in which Christians worldwide celebrate our oneness in Christ. There is a unity to the faith, scarcely as it might appear and in spite of our many differences and traditions. Special services will be held around the globe testifying to this fact.At the center of these worship services will be, aptly enough, Communion. Some call it the Eucharist; the Lord’s Supper; the Love Feast; the...

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Board of Ed recognizes churches’ volunteer works

ELIZABETHTOWN – At the September Board of Education monthly meeting, board members recognized the work of several area churches within the school system.Clarkton Presbyterian, Clarkton First Baptist Church, Elizabethtown Baptist Church, Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church, and Wesley’s Chapel United Methodist Church — along with local businesses Campbell Oil Company and Anderson Drugs — formed the group known as the Bladen Mission Project. Their purpose was si...

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The Pearl of Great Price is the treasure of the soul

John Steinbeck was one of America’s most prolific and insightful novelists. Renowned for his prize-winning works that most of us either enjoyed or endured at some point in our education (depending upon our perspective), one of Steinbeck’s lesser known novellas is my personal favorite. It is a penetrating little book called The Pearl. Steinbeck’s story begins with a poor Mexican pearl diver named Kino. He happily ekes out a living for his wife and son with...

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