Campaign signs get stolen, vandalized in White Lake

WHITE LAKE — The debate surrounding the referendum to allow the sale of beer and fortified wine in White Lake took a turn toward the criminal just one day before the primary election.

According to Cameron McGill, pastor of Lake Church in White Lake and Dublin First Baptist Church in Dublin who is also an opponent of the referendum, numerous signs asking voters to reject the issue that had been placed near his church were either stolen or vandalized.

“They took our signs and put these up to confuse people,” he said. “It’s sad.”

McGill said he started noticing that the 50 political signs against the referendum beside the Lake Church signs were disappearing. Now there are only around 20 political signs against the referendum left according to McGill.

In replace of the signs against the beer and wine referendum, new signs appeared asking voters to vote for the referendum, right beside the Lake Church signs. Those signs against the referendum that were left had been altered.

Despite the fact that stealing and vandalizing campaign signs is a crime, McGill said he would not be filing a report with law enforcement.
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