Irate Apex teacher quits, shares photos of leaks in classroom

IPEX (WNCN) – A leak in a classroom has led one teacher to resign and others to raise concerns about mold at Middle Creek High School.

The leaks turned ceiling into a mess. Students said it started back in September and still hasn’t been fixed.

Dejah Debon, the biology teacher whose classroom was impacted, said it likely caused her recent respiratory problems.

“This was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. It was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had to go through,” Debon said.

She said she has gone to the principal and other school administrators. She said they needed to test for mold but she said that no thorough inspection was done.

“It’s not fair and I can’t imagine that’s healthy,” she said.

Debon decided to resign and said she has tested positive for multiple mold allergies.

“I don’t understand why. Why did it take so long?” she said. “Why did I have to resign before the test that my doctor wanted done even occurred?”

Lisa Luten, the spokeswoman for the Wake County Public School System, said, “The primary leak was fixed. They needed to do additional repairs to determine where the second source of water was coming from.”

Luten said the school system has done two separate environmental tests and that both showed no signs of mold.

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