Delta Kappa Gamma group meets

LUMBERTON — Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Society for Women Educators of Bladen County met on Nov. 19 at Pier 41 in Lumberton.

President Missy Wells presided and Teresa Coleman had the invocation, emphasizing the adage “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Noel Dennis read the minutes and Vicki McLaughlin provided the treasurer’s report.

At this time, there is a Donation Challenge being conducted. Bonnell Walker made a motion that the group participate and Sharon Anderson seconded the motion, which carried.

Membership forms were distributed and voting will be conducted at the next meeting.

The Gladys Pittman Scholarship raffle was won by Pam Tatum, and the half-and-half went to Megan Kirby. Door prizes went to Janet Huggins, Bonnell Walker, Jeanne Kirby and Sharon Anderson.

The president closed the meeting with prayer.

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