Rouzer to host Youth Leadership Conference

Staff report

CLINTON – Congressman David Rouzer will be hosting a Youth Leadership Conference for high school juniors in the 7th Congressional District on Tuesday, April 5.

The first annual 7th Congressional District Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurial Conference provides two juniors from each high school an opportunity to meet with entrepreneurial leaders, discuss ways to achieve entrepreneurial success and develop the necessary personal and professional skills to achieve goals.

This conference is being conducted in coordination with the General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center at N.C. State University as well as participation by the UNC-Wilmington Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There will be a lineup of speakers and engaging activities focused on values-based leadership and the personal traits and qualities that lead to lasting success.

Every high school in the 7th District was asked to participate in the first annual 7th Congressional District Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference. The method and criteria used for selection of these students was up to each respective school.

Staff report

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