Pait to intern at the Bladen Journal

Staff report

ELIZABETHTOWN — Nikki Pait, a senior at West Bladen High School, recently signed on to be an intern with the Bladen Journal.

“We look forward to working with Nikki on her writing as she takes on stories for the newspaper,” said W. Curt Vincent, general manager/editor of the Bladen Journal. “She will be a tremendous asset to us, giving us another set of eyes and ears to publicize events and activities.”

Vincent said Pait will primarily do stories from within West Bladen High.

“Any student group or school event will be fodder for Nikki to write about — either before the event and/or after it,” Vincent added. “So those who are organizing or in charge of any particular activity at the school should funnel information to Nikki as far in advance as possible.”

Pait said she is excited about the opportunity.

“I’ve always loved writing and have been interested in journalism as a career,” she said. “English classes at West Bladen have helped to fuel that interest.”

Pait said she plans to attend Bladen Community College after graduation and, after two years, transfer to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to major in journalism.

“I really like putting stories together — everyone has a story to tell,” Pait said. “I also hope to someday write fiction, as well.”

Pait can be reached either at West Bladen High or through the Bladen Journal by calling 910-862-4163 or email at

Staff report

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