SGA members attend conference

DUBLIN – BCC Student Government Association members have returned from the N4C-SGA Spring Conference in Durham. Pictured above from left to right are Katiesha Hayes, Zack Bridgers, SGA Advisor Crystal Dowd, Dorothy Reaves, James Johnson, and Noel Rogers.

N4CSGA is a student lead organization that serves as a voice for the more than 850,000 students within the North Carolina Community College System. It is a thriving organization composed of student leaders from the fifty-eight community colleges in North Carolina. N4CSGA provides opportunities for the development and education of individual students through communication, the exchange of ideas, resource development, leadership training, cultural awareness, fellowship and the establishment of excellence in all aspects of student government and student life.

For information about the Student Government Association at BCC, contact Crystal Dowd at 910-879-5620.
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