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This nation is slowly changing to mimic that of Sodom and Gomorrah. We now condone men lying with a man as they do many other sordid affairs. Divorce rates are on the rise and our children are controlling the streets. Homosexuals are allowed to run churches and dirty needles are being shared.

Liberals have redefined that which we’ve always held so dear and they see conservatives as nothing but an obstacle or a curse. They instill their distorted views on a young impressionable mind and can turn all that we view as normal into something wicked or perverse.

In the guise of National Defense, our nation is spying on its people and to protect the right to choose, our babies are being slaughtered in the womb. As a means of spreading the wealth, we are forced to purchase a product and now our government wants to control us completely, from the womb to a tomb. The Bible I read never condoned a marriage between two people of like sexes.

But now our government is trying to force it on us one state after another. Do you want to see your kids watching as two men roll on the ground? Or what to say to your little girl about two women kissing and who’s the mother. Tyranny of the majority is when it places its interest above those of the minority. Does a political party border on tyranny if its interest comes before that of the people? I say yes, when laws are passed to benefit the party and not for the benefit of its citizens. People, wake up and take back that which is yours as we the people are seen as equal.

Our freedoms are slowly being eroded as the federal government grows ever so large. As originally intended, it was to do that which each individual state couldn’t do on its own. Now this beast of ours has grown to a size that would be next to impossible to kill. Our forefathers wanted the people to govern, but we’re now just its pawn. And just like it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man. Perversions, idolatry, homosexual acts, killings, murders, all sorts of evil taking place.

We, as a great nation, are no longer being blessed by God as we have turned our backs on Him. Just as the Roman Empire fell many years past, our country will do likewise, but not as in a race. Citizens, you’ve got to wake up and take a good hard look around as all is not yet lost. For as long as man breaths air, God is giving us the time needed in order to make things right. So figure out what it is you should be doing in order to turn your life around for Him as He wants every man; woman and child to be with Him, but the number will be light. If we’re to survive as a free nation, we the people must elect individuals who act for the whole.

As political parties or special interest groups will get the president to do what’s best for each. So abolish the laws passed for their benefit only, and get back to doing the people’s business and, if the president fails to do what is best for the citizens of this great country, impeach.

Jerry D. Jackson


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