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What are two memories from your childhood that really stands out in your mind? One of mine would have to be the time I tested the sharpness of a razor blade by running the blade up and down one arm of my family’s brand new, first ever, leather recliner. My mama chased me down in the front yard and spanked my tail big time for that little stunt. Perhaps that’s why the memory of the recliner’s shredded arm is still one of my most vivid memories.

The slosh bucket is another of my most memorable memories. Here is this week’s story …

One of my chores as a young girl was to empty my family’s slosh bucket. For my young readers who may not know what a slosh bucket is … I’ll explain. A slosh bucket is a bucket with a lid and a handle. Years ago when I was a young girl most folks didn’t have indoor bathrooms, so they did their business in a slosh bucket. If my memory is correct, my family’s slosh bucket was white enamel and the lid had a red handle. Please don’t think that I had a deprived childhood, because I didn’t. For you see, we also had an outdoor toilet. Better known as an outhouse, ours had double-seats … except there really weren’t any seats … just two big holes.

When nature called I’d take off for the outhouse and oftentimes I’d stay in the outhouse way past the time I needed to … just so I could continue listening to the birds sing.

My first cousin, June Bug, would oftentimes come over to my house to play. And when she did, we’d usually end up having a bubble gum blowing contest as we sat side-by-side doing our ‘business’ in the outhouse. Actually, it was June Bug who taught me how to blow bubbles. And it was June Bug who usually won the bubble gum blowing contest.

I’ve said more than I probably should have about the outhouse, so I’ll get back to the slosh bucket. To empty the slosh from inside the bucket, I’d hold the slosh bucket by its handle and walk slowly and carefully from my house to the outhouse. Once I got to the outhouse I dumped the bucket’s slosh into the deep hole in the ground that was located beneath the outhouse’s ‘seats’. The walk from my house to the outhouse was a short walk … nevertheless more times than not, by the time I reached the outhouse one of my legs would be splashed with spotty brown stains.

When I entered the fourth grade, my slosh bucket carrying days ended. Not because I was in the fourth grade, but because that was the year my family moved into our new house. Finally, at long last, I had my own bedroom. No longer did I have to share a bedroom with my three brothers. As great as it was to have my own private bedroom, it was even greater having two indoor bathrooms.

With four small children to bathed and care for … my mother was thrilled more than any of us to have indoor bathrooms. Mother was proud of our bathrooms too and she made sure they were kept spic and span clean. I remember how each week she would get down on her hands and knees and use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout between each small, individual tile on the bathroom floor. She kept the family’s two prized toilet bowls slosh-free and clog-free by using an arsenal of cleansers, brushes, and plungers.

It’s been more than fifty years now and mother is no longer able to get down on her hands and knees to clean the grout between the ceramic tiles. However, she is still able to keep the toilet bowls slosh-free and clog-free. My mother’s motto is: “There are some things, you just don’t put up with!”

Now I’d like to ask you a personal question. Is there any slosh in your life? Are you clogged with fear slosh, addiction slosh, or other sloshy stuff? To those who might say, “Yes Debra, I have some slosh in my life but it’s just a tiny amount.” To you I would say, even a tiny amount of slosh can stink up your entire life. It’s like my mother says, “There are some things you just don’t put up with!” In other words, it’s time to get rid of the slosh. How? I am so glad you asked!

Start by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. Then begin reading God’s Word and learn who God says you are as His son or daughter. For example: Through Christ, I no longer need to be a slave to sin, because God has given me His power in Christ to become a vessel of holiness and obedience.—Romans 6:6

In Jesus Christ and through the strength and power of Christ, I am an overcomer.—Philippians 4:13

Regardless of what your “slosh” might be, God will help you. You see, God loves you and He has a purpose for your life. So share your struggles, slosh, and all, with God. Then you’ll see for yourself how God will work with you, to rid the slosh from your life.

Debra Joy Wallace is an inspirational columnist and speaker. She can be reached by email at debra@debrawallace.com or visit her website at www.debrawallace.com.

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