A response to Rev. Thurman B. Everett

My eyes could not believe what a man of God had to say about one particular candidate running for the office of the president of the United States, that being Hillary Clinton. He claims to be proud of her. He claims that she’s done some remarkable things over the last forty years of her public life that actually benefited this country.

I challenge you, sir, to name one. Name one very powerful act that she herself actually did to help this country advance forward. You can’t.

As a U.S. senator from her adopted home state of New York, she introduced three bills that actually became law. (1) one bill established the Kate Mullany historic site, (2) another bill named a post office after George Quamo and (3) another bill she introduced named a highway after the late journalist Tim Russert. Yes, these are good things, but powerful enough to qualify her for the presidency? I think not.

As the secretary of state there’s absolutely nothing on record that qualifies her to be the president. Consider this: When Diane Sawyer asked Hillary to name her “marquee achievement” while serving as the secretary, Hillary changed the subject and refused to name one. When the State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked to “identify one tangible achievement” of Secretary Clinton, she couldn’t come up with anything.

To repeat, with over 40 years of public service behind her, this woman has done absolutely nothing to help this country achieve greatness.

Here’s one for you: As the secretary of state, Hillary is responsible for the deaths of four Americans, including an American ambassador. She choked and refused to authorize a response to the attack on Benghazi. She is also the wife of an impeached president; she’s the wife of a man who committed adultery — twice — while in office. And lastly, she’s also the wife of a man who blatantly lied to the people of this country and his family.

Using your own words Reverend, Matthew 7:20 states, “Wherefore by their own fruits ye shall know them.” When the people of this country consider everything that these two individuals have not done for this country, it is as clear as daylight she is NOT qualified to be my president. I am not qualified to tell a man of God what to do as it pertains to the Bible, but I can say this, Rev. Everett, you need to continue praying for this country. Under the Democratic Party, your children’s children’s children won’t be able to pay off the debt that Obama has forced on you and every taxpayer for hundreds of years to come.

Sir, think about my words.

Jerry D. Jackson


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