Harmony Hallneeds, deservesyour assistance

The board of directors for Harmony Hall Plantation Village has the very same problem that almost every other volunteer organization in Bladen County, North Carolina and the United States has: a lack of volunteers.

Since “keeping up with the Joneses” eventually required our society to have two working parents in most families, it has severely cut down on the ability of adults to volunteer their time. Instead, they continued their giving by simply writing a check — something that has also fizzled out with the recent economic challenges.

But Harmony Hall is behind another eight ball, since it is all but starting over in its effort to rebuild a board and membership list. Earlier this year, a number of folks resigned from the board and membership — including former President Seth Lewis and Field Marshal Bobby Lewis, who hinted he might return to the group but passed away suddenly before that could happen.

Now the group is manpower challenged.

Sure, board member Sunday Allen will continue to make the East Bladen History Club available to help with events and activities at the Revolutionary War plantation, and board member Tony Parnell will keep the scouts out of Dublin coming to assist at the historical site, as well. But what the group needs most is adult volunteers and members.

So the group is now on the recruitment trail, looking for folks who are interested in the preservation of history to join the membership roles. There are many things that need doing at one of Bladen County’s most iconic sites — from painting to hammering to picking up limbs to giving tours of the 11 buildings — and good people are sorely needed.

But what should be paramount for the Harmony Hall group as it goes on the recruitment trail is to pinpoint specific folks with specific talents and experience that would help them most going forward. Is there a current or former banker nearby who might be interested in looking after the group’s finances? Is there a builder/contractor nearby willing to oversee or handle the many renovations needed? Is there a lawn-care company owner/employee who can assist with keeping the grounds picked up and manicured?

Beyond that, there may be a current or former teacher interested in leading the way to keep the one-room schoolhouse in shape. There might also be a current or former pastor or church group that can oversee the needs of the old chapel. Or a retail business person who can assist with the General Store.

You get the idea.

But anyone who is interested in helping Harmony Hall stay vibrant for future generations shouldn’t wait to be asked. You can offer your assistance by calling Harry La Rock at 910-866-4113. You’ll become a part of something pretty cool at a place that just oozes with interesting history in our own back yard.

And we’re not just urging y’all to get involved. The Bladen Journal will soon have at least one individual join the membership list at Harmony Hall and get involved. We hope you’ll join us.



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

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