Going out on a limb … again

W. Curt Vincent GM/editor

It’s June, and, precarious as it always is, I’m going out on a limb once again.

As you are settling in for a quiet Friday evening with the Bladen Journal — “Big Bang Theory” on the television, dog napping at your feet, children upstairs exercising their thumbs on PlayStation or texting, your loving spouse heading your way with a cup of coffee and dessert — I have just barely arrived in Nashville.

Tennessee, not North Carolina.

The limb I refer to is connected to the KLOVE Fan Awards Weekend tree, a time I look forward to every year for several reasons, not the least of which is being able to see, hear and talk with the artists of KLOVE, but mostly because I am able to visit and stay with my oldest daughter and her family.

There are many things to do in Nashville, and I usually make a point of doing as many as possible. Visits to Antique Archaeology in the hopes of seeing Mike or Frank or Danielle, the Parthenon in Centennial Park, Wildhorse Saloon downtown, Nashville Sounds baseball and at least one eatery visited by Guy Fieri are a must.

But the KLOVE Fan Awards dominate the landscape, culminating with the actual awards ceremony at the Grand Ol’ Opry on Sunday evening. And that’s where the limb comes in.

Each year I make my predictions on who will take home the coveted KLOVE trophies — and so far, over my first two years, I’ve been pitiful with my picks. In fact, pitiful might actually be complimentary. I think last year was my best effort to date, and I only picked two out of 12 right.

So don’t expect much, but here goes …

— Male Artist of the Year: Jeremy Camp

— Female Artist of the Year: Francesca Battistelli

— Group/Duo of the Year: Mercy Me

— Artist of the Year: Lauren Daigle

— Best Live Show: Toby Mac

— Worship Song of the Year: “Even So Come,” Passion

— Song of the Year: “First,” Lauren Daigle

— Breakout Single: “The River,” Jordan Feliz

— Best Lyric: “Deliverer,” Matt Maher

— Sports Impact: Adam LaRoche

— Film/TV Impact: “War Room”

— Book Impact: “Sacred marriage”

There you have it. I feel comfortable with my choices — as comfortable as a bug in a Raid manufacturing plant. But who knows? I was terrible with the office pool for March Madness … perhaps this will be my redemption.

And if not, well … I’m still in Nashville having a great time.

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W. Curt Vincent GM/editor
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