Take fight for clean water to governor

Citizens of North Carolina, I think you would agree with me that clean drinking water is something that everyone enjoys. It’s time for us to join together to acknowledge that access to safe drinking water is a human right — and then work to make that right a reality by making our voice heard.

Growing up in North Carolina and living off of well water, I never thought once if I was only hydrating myself with toxic coal ash or chemicals. What’s unfortunate is that to this day, hundreds of households across the state have to question whether or not their water is safe to drink. People, individuals and families, many with children, are discovering potent and cancerous toxins in their water source due to the leakage from nearby Duke Energy’s sites.

According to HB630, many of these coal ash dumps will be allowed to sit in place, continuing to leak into nearby waterways and wells and affecting hundreds of communities in our state. However, this battle is far from over. We will continue to fight for our health and access to clean drinking water. No longer will be stand for politicians putting polluters over people.

Please call Gov. Pat McCrory at 919-814-2050 insisting that he work with North Carolina citizens, endangered by toxic water caused by coal ash, to clean up all 14 coal ash sites across the state, and more importantly to protect the drinking water for all people.

Meredith Hovis


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