Only way to avoid animal cruelty is to go vegan

PETA’s new eyewitness exposé of a massive hatchery operated by Sanderson Farms Inc. shows the extent of animal suffering at the hands of a chicken corporation as detailed in a story in The Robesonian on July 13 titled “PETA claims abuse at Sanderson hatchery.”

Chicks that hatched later than expected were deemed useless and left alone in barren plastic crates, where they were denied warmth and comfort. Those who survived this deprivation were dropped into a metal macerator and ground up while alive — a horrifying procedure that is business as usual in the poultry industry.

But had these babies been born “on time,” they still would’ve experienced suffering — condemned to crowded, windowless sheds until the day they were hauled to the slaughterhouse. Such cruelty is rampant in animal agriculture, and the only way to avoid it is to go vegan.

Jennifer Bates

PETA Foundation

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