HB2 gettingtwisted byopponents

The easiest thing to do would be to repeal House Bill 2, the now-infamous “bathroom bill” that, among other things, forces individuals to use the public restroom according to the gender on their birth certificate.

But thankfully, there are smart, logical-thinking individuals out there who are focused on the real issue behind HB2, which is protection and not discrimination.

One of those is Civitas President Francis De Luca, who issued the following statement in response to the NCAA’s recent decision to pull seven championship games out of North Carolina:

“This decision from the NCAA is shameful. It is clear they do not understand real discrimination. China, where true discrimination and human rights violations occur, is OK for games, but a state that is just trying to protect young girls and women is somehow off-limits,” De Luca said. “Between this and their choice to do nothing about schools graduating athletes who can’t read, and to do nothing about the rape of females by athletes at Baylor, it is clear the NCAA is a bunch of hypocrites.

“It shows they’re more interested in politics than academic and athletic excellence,” he added.

De Luca could not have hit the nail more squarely on the head.

Transgender is defined as a self-identity issue. There is nothing medical or scientific about an individual choosing to take on a gender opposite from what they were born as. Much like the gay community, these individuals are self-diagnosing and choosing their own course of “treatment.”

Society sees alcoholism and gluttony and obesity and depression and drug abuse as disorders that, in most cases, require medical attention to overcome. Yet somehow we are led to believe that there is some degree of “normalcy” to the fact that some in society want to physically or simply mentally change genders or have physical relations with the same sex.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that no place in the opponents’ claims of HB2 discrimination are the rights of normal individuals — in this case defined as those who conform to gender-correct identity — ever discussed or taken into consideration. Which means that, if HB2 were repealed, the rights of normal individuals would basically be set aside. And, as with any issue, there would be a perverted segment of society that would see it as an opportunity to take advantage.

There is a very good chance the entire issue will be decided on Nov. 8 when the general election results come in. North Carolina will make its choice for governor and numerous state legislators. Until then, the battle lines over HB2 will continue to get drawn and redrawn.

Although tweaking may still be necessary, we hope HB2 stands.



“In politics, what starts bad usually only gets worse.” (Ed Rogers)

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