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Random thoughts while getting body slammed into turn one.

Anyone surprised by Matt Kenseth’s absolutely brutal takedown of Joey Logano during last’s Sunday’s race at Martinsville? Hell, Kenseth said it was coming. It was so obvious that I even called it. Wrecking is part of racing. I said that too. However, being many, many laps down and taking out the guy leading it not the way you do it.

But this is the bed that NASCAR has made with the “boys, have at it” talk a few years back.

New fantasy football team name: Dez Bryant’s Pet Monkey.

Never really been a Jeff Gordon fan, but it was cool to watch him win and guarantee himself a spot in the finale at Martinsville. Was even cooler to see all the fans stick around to cheer for him in victory lane.

I’m not saying that Logano should have found Kenseth after the wreck and expressed his displeasure with a violent act, but he should have found Kenseth and expressed his displeasure with a violent act. And why are we not talking more about the crazy that is Tom Logano, Joey’s father. I mean dude had to get tackled by Todd Gordon, Joey’s crew chief, so he wouldn’t go the infield care center to confront Kenseth. That is insane helicopter parenting there, Tom.

The World Health Organization said that red meat causes cancer. I’ll take that risk.

I am not one to hate on Danica Patrick like some NASCAR fans, but I thought it was incredibly funny that she couldn’t even do the mad, retaliation thing right. She spun David Gilliland then when she came back around and got behind her he brake-checked her and destroyed her radiator. Gilliland finished 24th. Danica finished 40th. Well played, Danica. Well played.

Marshawn Lynch does an online commercial for the new Call of Duty video game. Nothing in this world makes sense any more.

Last Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of the first race at the North Carolina Motor Speedway. Makes me incredibly sad.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett got busted for drunk driving on Halloween. For punishment, coach Urban Meyer revoked his scholarship for the summer term next year. How is that punishment? So you are telling a 20-year old that his punishment is that he doesn’t have to spend his summer in geology or English lit? That’ll get him right.

It has been four days and I still don’t know what happened at the end of the Miami-Duke game. Someone should be sacked.

I hope we haven’t seen the end of Steve Smith. Ending his career with an injury isn’t the way a guy like him should go out.

It sucks that baseball is over.

There is a video on YouTube with an Alabama fan talking about how much he hates Tennessee. He says, among other great lines that “it’s an orange that he can’t sit with.” I feel the same way about Clemson.

Despite what happened to Logano at Martinsville, I still think he wins either Texas or Phoenix and is in play for the finale.

I was listening to MRN after the Martinsville race and someone dropped the nugget that Gordon’s win was the first win for Hendrick Motor Sports in 15 races. I am not sure how that is even possible.

I like that the Royals won the World Series by betting that the Mets would botch a fairly routine play. Even when the Mets are good, they are still the Mets.

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