Bladenboro officer saves man’s life with CPR

W. Curt Vincent -


BLADENBORO — A 31-year-old Bladen County man is alive today because of the recent quick actions of Bladenboro police officer Brooks Yandle.

On Friday, Nov. 27, at about 11:40 a.m. Yandle responded to the Pawn South area of town on a call about an unconscious individual who was not breathing.

“When he arrived, Officer Yandle checked the man’s vitals and determined he had a faint pulse and his tongue was swollen,” said Chief Chris Hunt.

Yandle immediately began CPR on the man and continued for about 20 minutes.

“At that point, the man took a deep breath and opened his eyes,” Hunt said. “The rescue squad arrived about that time and took over CPR, transporting the man to Bladen County Hospital.”

He added that the man survived the incident.

“Officer Yandle kept this man’s family from suffering a real tragedy during the holidays,” Hunt said. I’m proud and honored to have him in this department, and the people of Bladenboro are fortunate to have him serving them.

“But Officer Yandle is also one of many very good officers we have here in Bladenboro,” he added.


W. Curt Vincent

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