Bobby Lewis passes suddenly

Bobby Winston Lewis, a key figure in the renewed interest in Harmony Hall Plantation Village and one of tye creators of the annual Battle of Elizabethtown re-enactment, passed away suddenlt on Saturday morning.

Lewis spent te past six years working to publicize the historic Revolutionary War-era plantation site in White Oak where Col. James Richardson built his home in 1760.

He was the site’s field marshal and also a mmber of the Backwoods Militia, which was in attendance during most of Harmony Hall’s events.

Lewis, who, along with his brother Seth, was instrumental in bringing the re-enactment of the Battle of Elizabethtown to the downtown district, first at the Cape Fear Farmers Market area, then to Tory Hole Park. Both spots are historically significant to the original battle.

Lewis was a member of the Bladen County Historical Society for about 30 years which, until last year, also oversaw the activities at Harmony Hall.

Funeral Arrangements for Lewis: Monday, Feb. 29: Visitation from 1 to 3 p.m. and funeral at 3 p.m., both at Abe Branch Holiness Church, 965 Marsh Road, Bladenboro. In lieu of flowers, funeral fund donations may be made to Gregg Lewis.

The Bladen Journal will have more on Lewis’ passing both online and in Friday’s print edition.
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